If you are looking for simple, functional and strong, the FATDAPTER is it.

I have a Salsa fat bike and a Thule OutRide 561 roof rack.  I ordered the red Fatdapter and found that the "legs" were too short.  I sent it back to the company and they said they were working on some upgrades and would send me the proper one when it became available.  In the meantime I used a system of threaded rod, washers, and self locking nuts.  A system which worked, but required wrenches and quite a bit of time to take the bike on and off.  I didn't wait long and the company sent me an orange colored Fatdapter which fits perfectly.  It is fast and easy to use.  I just secure the rear wheel to the rack with a good bungee and the bike doesn't go anywhere.  No need to buy an expensive new rack.  Fatdapter is an innovative company with excellent customer service.  The Fatdapter itself is well machined from a single block of metal, it is actually an indestructible looking work of art.  It seemed like a great price for what you are getting.  If you are looking for simple, functional and strong, the Fatdapter is it......Jeff Woods


I knew instantly I was buying a FATDAPTER® when I compared it to the alternate option.

We agree and this is what inspired us to offer it to the general public. When I built my first fatbike on a Friday night and woke up 4hrs later to mount it on my fork mount roof rack I quickly realized it would not fit. The FATDAPTER® was an instant vision and after reasearching the available commercial option I quickly made myself a prototype

Is this thing really machined from a solid block of aluminum and made in the USA???

Yes, we designed it to be bulletproof. The FATDAPTER® fat bike fork mount adapter and stainless axle are machined in Wisconsin, USA. The cam lever is is sourced from a US company who has them custom made in Taiwan. Nearly 2 years later the Patent is pending and the Trademark is registered.

FATDAPTER® is the only 1pc solid body, fully machined, non-welded, non-tubular, non-painted roof rack adapter on the market